Bookingform for Domaine Juan Flore
Please read through this booking form and rental instructions before completing.
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Rental Policies:
  • Tenant MUST be over 25 years.
  • Signed lease agreement will be submitted to the tenant and shall be signed before any rental period to accession.
  • It incurred a mandatory cleaning-fee of the apartment in addition to rentalamount. This fee includes 3,5 hours cleaning when moving, towels and linens during their stay - the towels may not be used in the pool area or on beaches.
  • 25% of rental sum shall be paid within 1 week after booking, otherwise waived reservation.
  • The remaining rental amount, damage deposit amount and cleaning-fee shall be paid into account no later than 2 month before the lease term to accession.
  • Damage deposit amount 365 Euro will be refunded back to the tenant 2 weeks after the rental period ends, and the apartment is checked for damage / missing.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the apartments.
  • It is not allowed pets.
  • Responsible tenant must itself be presence / residents under the rental-period and is responsible for the tenancy.
  • The apartment should be treated with caution.
  • All garbage must be disposed in the garbage room in the basement / parking house.
  • Remember to turn off air conditioning and / or heaters when you are not in the apartment.
  • Check all doors and windows are closed and the blinds are down when leaving the apartment.
  • Outside the area to be checked for trash, cigarette butts, glass, etc. at departure.
  • All garden furniture cushions should to be taken in and protected for the rainfall and sun-bleaching during your stay, and taken into the apartment on departure-day. IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO PUT OUTSIDE FURNITURE-CUSHIONS ON THE GRASS, OR ON THE FLOOR!!
  • In app 504 it´s not allowed to play, run or be at the gras in the common area/outside the gardenin 504.
  • Rental Hour is from kl.16 on the arriving day -  to kl.10 departure day, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Payment / receipt of the rental amount must be shown at the take-over of keys.
  • Keys to be lost during the rental stay will be replaced with 100 Euro/each that goes to the deduction of tenants damage deposit. Lost of Pool-bracelets will be replaced with 50 E/each.
  • The apartment shall be cleared off upon departure, and washing machine will eventually be turned on if it has not already been depleted. Food and dry goods that are opened are NOT supposed to be left in the apartment.
  • Apartment will be cleaned upon departure, and the dishwasher will eventually be turned on. Food and dry goods that are opened will NOT be left in the apartments. * Tenant is liable for damages / defects caused to the apartments.
  • Any defects/damages in the apartment shall be notified to the landlord immediately to +4740408383 / +4791609817.
  • Any damages / defects in the apartment during the stay should be reported to the landlord immediately. Defects or damage arising from the arrival should also be reported within 24 h to landlord at: +47 40408383 / +47 91609817. 
  • Booking form must be signed in return for WITHIN 2 days after booking is made. If not the landlord can rent out to other interested/tenants.
  • Contract and payment instructions will be sent to tenant to e-mail unless otherwise agreed. It is located rental instruction-binders in all the apartments that tenants should / must read through on arrival.
  • If tenants wants garage during the rental-period have to request this before the rental-period. 
  • Tenants who wants bed linen and towels during their stay are requested to book this in advance.
  • For all apartments tenants have to pay a mandatory cleaning-fee in additional of the rental-amount.  This is 4 hours cleaning after departure. (bedsheets/towels etc)

    I confirm that the rental rules are read, and that personal information is correct.