About us



GFR is an established French company, we offer rental apartments in the area of Domaine Juan Flore, which is located in Antibes-Juan les Pins on the French Riviera.

The company operates from Norway, and was established in the beginning of 2009. 
GFR is a subsidiary of our Norwegian registered holding company Grønsund Forretningsførsel A/S (979 496 222 VAT).

Our business idea is to rent out suitable, nicely located and comfortable apartments to families, couples or friends that seeks a comfortable and enjoyable stay on the French Riviera during their valuable vacation time. (Independent holiday-apartments / no charter)
The area where the apartments are located was carefully selected during 2007 and 2008 after a long search for a the perfect vacation spot for families, couples and friends.
Our main objective is to invest in apartments that are located inside a safe and secure area where families can be completely independent from of cars during the holidays. The apartments were therefore chosen with the emphasized on close location to the beach, town, restaurants and daily shopping. 

GFR has invested in 3 new apartments located inside the same residence area of Domaine Juan Flore, located 60 m from the city's finest beaches in Juan les Pins.


In 2011 we started our planning regarding a charter-boatand in 2012 this became a realityWe can now offer our guests an experience on the Mediterranean sea/French Riviera in a 43foot BAIAThe boat has a capacity for 10 persons,and can be rented for 1 day or several days ........ 
It is a short distance by boat from our 3 apartments in Juan Les Pins to famous destinations as St.Tropez, Monaco, Cannes, Antibes, Isle MarguertaItaly etc
Feel free to explore our new offer!